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Oakland International provides retail distribution into UK and Ireland retailer depots for chilled and selected ambient products. Oakland customers enjoy access to a product distribution route for convenience retailers via Oakland’s chilled consolidation scheme, a scheme whereby multiple suppliers share a supply chain route to retailer distribution centres (RDC’s).

Please see below for our current retailer distribution profile:

Tesco distribution

11 UK

7 days per week

Sainsbury’s distribution

12 UK

7 days per week

Co-Op distribution

9 UK

7 days per week

ASDA distribution

10 UK

7 days per week

Morrisons distribution

7 UK

7 days per week

Waitrose distribution

4 UK

6 days per week

Ocado distribution

3 UK

3 days per week

Farmfoods distribution

4 UK

6 days per week

Booths distribution

1 UK

3 days per week

Iceland distribution

5 UK

6 days per week

Chilled Order Method: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Chilled Supply Chain Requirements: Day 1 order for Day 2 delivery.

Why choose Oakland to store and distribute with your chilled products?

  • Factory gate collection supported
  • Electronic Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN)
  • Cross docking service for pre picked pallets
  • Daily distribution to all Retailer Distribution Centre’s (RDC’s)
  • Chilled storage and picking including pick to zero capability
  • No minimum order stipulations with consolidation schemes
  • Case price
no minimum order

Access to Oakland’s value added services: