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Food Tempering

A method for natural shelf-life extension

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Your One Stop food tempering contract packing solution.

Offering a “one stop” food tempering contract packing solution: all year, seasonal, promotional, Christmas or party lines, with onward chilled distribution to all major UK and Irish retailers. Oakland takes care of customer food contract packing requirements ironing out seasonal peaks, allowing customers to focus on production and sales.

Food tempering is supported as a method for natural shelf-life extension. Products are bulk produced and frozen by the food manufacturer, prior to being transported to Oakland’s central hub and kept in frozen storage until required by the retailer.

Stock is drawn from frozen storage ready to be tempered and reworked to order; inkjet date coded, repacked and sleeves applied as required, with outer case bar label applied for onward distribution to major UK and Irish retailers.

Supply chain food tempering ensures that product arrives at the correct temperature (+2 and +5 degrees) at the end retailer.

Benefits of food tempering include:

  • Reduced wastage
  • 25% improvement on shelf life
  • Reduced inbound logistic costs
  • Maximum shelf life for both UK and Irish retailers
  • Improved services levels


“As surveyors representing Insurance Underwriters, we have used the expertise of Oakland International in regard to contamination of goods as a result of the trailers being accessed by clandestine’s. The work undertaken by the Oakland International Ltd staff has always been to the highest standards and has resulted in minimizing the loss of goods and we have no hesitation in recommending the services of Oakland”. Howard Ray - ABACS Surveyor For International Surveyors & Adjusters