What does Oakland Invicta do?

What does Oakland Invicta do?

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Oakland Invicta’s speciality lies in Customs and border processes. It didn’t used to be fashionable but nowadays it’s more popular than ever. Things are a little quiet at the moment as the EU have allowed an Art.50 extension until the end of October but don’t be fooled… it’s not gone away. The pressure is slowly growing (been here before!) as the EU elections loom mid May. Farage is getting stronger and the Conservative Party is not sure they will campaign as they still hope the Withdrawal Agreement will be signed off and therefore EU elections will not be necessary. Well, at least that’s what Theresa May is hoping… Not many agree. If they can’t get the Withdrawal Agreement through they’ll have to contest the EU elections and, by all current accounts, they’ll get floored by Farage. Interesting times.

So what part do we play? UK exiting the EU almost certainly means the return of Customs formalities, last seen almost 30 years ago. There is talk of the UK being in a Customs Union but again, don’t be fooled. Being in a Customs Union does not remove the potential friction at the border – in fact it could create an additional document known as the AUK movement certificate. However you cut it, Customs paperwork is coming back, unless Brexit is cancelled and the appetite for that is not great.

Invicta’s speciality is in preparing companies for the border transactions and making sure they have the tools they need to reduce (or remove) the friction. We’ve always wanted to use the tag line “just add OIL (Oakland Invicta Limited)” but it’s just too cheesy! We also help set-up logistics companies, us included, to be able to bridge the gap where the trader (importer/exporter) can’t do it for themselves. HMRC estimate 145,000 traders will be exposed to Customs formalities for the first time and this will generate 200 million additional Customs declarations – bring it on!

We operate in a world of procedural acronyms, some of the most popular being :-

There are literally hundreds of others. They come naturally to use (like a second language) as we’ve been in this world for more than 40 years. It’s a complex environment, full of regulations and trapdoors. Customs agents are often as skilled as Accountants but are rarely recognised as such.

We will continue to plan and prepare for October, that being the next drop-dead date. No deal is still a possibility and we need to be ready. We will be!

We’ve recently updated our website www.mybrexit.uk to reflect our new focus: Planning / Training / Customs. Take a look when you get a moment.

We also have a useful flyer (below) which will give you a brief overview of what we do.

We’re one of the best in the market as our experiences not only cover Customs regulations but also the practical application of those processes and how they work at the border.

I hope this information is useful to you, and please feel free to share.

Robert Hardy, Commercial Director, Oakland Invicta Limited

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