Useful Brexit Documents

Useful Brexit Documents

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Whilst Parliament has been prorogued(!) we have been busy building essential information packs. We have seen a swarm of updates issued by HMRC but none are truly end-to-end. We decided to fill this gap and have written three information packs:-

1. Brexit guide – whether you are a UK importer or an EU exporter, we have the information for you on this click-through guide. Go to and select the red button.

2. Customs and border processes vary according to the route you take. We have mapped 19 different routes to show what is required, when and where. Go to and select Border Process by route.

3. We are often asked “what information do you need”. We’ve put together a standard template which includes an authority for us to act on your behalf in UK and/or Ireland. Please complete the authority document and return it to me. We cannot present Customs documentation on your behalf without this authorisation to do so. Go to and select: Customs contract.

We are working on further click-through guides and will circulate these once finalised. In the meantime, we hope the document links contained herein will be useful for you.

Robert Hardy, Commercial Director, Oakland International

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