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Chilled Storage & Distribution

We Are Adaptable, Efficient & Reactive

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Picking and distribution 364 days a year

Oakland’s trained and proficient warehouse team are adaptable, efficient and reactive to your needs, offering chilled storage facilities and systems audited to BRC (British Retail Consortium) storage and distribution standard, ensuring quality and integrity are maintained throughout the chilled supply chain.

Products are typically stored between +2℃ and +5℃ within our chilled warehouse and Oakland’s Warehouse Management System identifies and records traceability of all stored chilled food products.

Benefits Of Using Oakland For Your Chilled Food Storage:

  • Daily chilled deliveries into all major Irish and UK retailers through Oakland’s case consolidation scheme
  • Complete stock management and reconciliation from order entry to dispatch
  • Chilled deliveries into all Irish and UK retailers including Second Tier Convenience, Discounters, Wholesalers and Food Service
  • Daily reporting to aid stock replenishment with the ability to view ‘live’ stock movements 24-hours a day
  • Chilled food storage, packing and distribution
  • BRC accredited storage and distribution facilities
  • Live temperature monitoring 24-hours a day, 7 days per week
  • High volume and niche accounts catered for
  • Contract Packing facilities
  • Chilled Food Distribution And Chilled Logistics

Chilled Food Distribution And Chilled Logistics

Working closely with transports partners, Oakland distributes chilled product for customers to all major UK and Irish retailers by offering complete daily chilled logistics coverage of the Ireland and UK

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