Oakland Environment

Oakland Environment

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Oakland International is 100% committed to making a positive impact on our environment. Our aim is to become the first carbon neutral company in our industry sector.

Environment initiatives already in place are:

  • A total of 1,698 PV panels have been installed, by means of both funded, and Power Purchase Agreement arrangements, generating income through Feed In Tariff and savings on electricity. Approximate energy generation of 280,509.7kWh with CO2 savings of over 145,000Kg.
  • Powerperfector device onsite since 2007 manages the quality of power supply and increases efficiency.
  • A Nissan Leaf electric car acts as a company pool car and has an 80 mile cruising range.
  • We have an onsite, sustainable reed bed sewage treatment plant.
  • Cardboard, shredded paper, shrink wrap, light bulbs and label backing paper are all recycled and generate rebates for cardboard and plastic totalling £12,159.45 as of 2015.
  • Where possible, short dated food is donated to local charities, and also distributed through the Food Bank Scheme to various other local charities and good causes, with any expired product sent to destruction plants with none going to landfill. (WRD)
  • An electric bike rental scheme is open to Oakland employees and provides a carbon friendly method of transportation, to and from Oakland, at an affordable rate.
  • Oakland is currently in the process of installing a Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management System that will show real time energy consumption for all areas of the business, as well as electricity generated from the troupe of solar panel on-site installations.
  • We are reviewing the feasibility of rainwater harvesting in the hope that all Oakland’s waste water needs can be catered for, with the intention to use any remaining water for Fire Service Reserves and for vehicle washing to those that seek this facility.

Additional projects we hope to implement in the near future include:

  • Voltage Optimisation – Something we wish to visit and to date, one power factor has been assessed.
  • Carbon Trust Certification – To demonstrate we are ever improving in our environmental quest.