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Ludlow Stadium

Ludlow Stadium

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Ludlow Stadium is the home of AFC Ludlow and also hosts a range of local and community sporting activities.

Oakland International is supporting the owner of the stadium to develop community use of the site in conjunction with new tenants from Shrewsbury Town in the Community. The business has supported the ongoing negotiations with STITC and the FA regarding lease arrangements and has helped to secure significant grant funding to develop the site. Improvements will keep the stadium at the standard required for continued community use and as a recognised centre for South Shropshire.

In addition to supporting the set-up phase of the project, Oakland will remain involved in the operation of the facility so that it can continue to support the work undertaken by STITC.

Oakland is in support of the long term vision for the organisation, which is to reinstate the stadium as a hub of activity and as a model for community engagement.